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Product Marketing Camp

Challenge your limits in Product Marketing!


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We recruited participants.

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March 6, 2023


3 weeks




Free of charge

Key features

About the camp

During the camp, you will try out the role of Product Marketing Manager and then get the opportunity to join an IT company that improves the health of millions of people around the world.

This course is part of the Welltech Academy and was created by leading Welltech PMMs. We will share with you our own insights and approaches to working with product marketing.

We have a strong team of marketing professionals and we want to continue growing with talented people. Our main goal is to influence the development of the IT sector by improving the knowledge and experience of specialists.



We're looking for

  • Specialists with experience in marketing who want to be part of the IT community and work on the development and promotion of the №1 health & fitness apps in the world.

  • Specialists with experience in areas like finance, auditing, analytics, and management who want to find a new career vector in a dynamic and creative sector.

  • Anyone who wants to start a career as a Product Marketing Manager and work with health & fitness products.

What can you expect 

  • Learn to analyze the mobile application market, analyze competitors, and identify patterns and market insights.

  • Learn how to analyze marketing funnels, find weak points and improve them.

  • Work with marketing hypotheses from the initial idea to its A/B testing and the verification of results.

  • Improve hard and soft skills with mentors and practice on real cases.

  • Participate in live sessions with mentors and get the opportunity to present yourself and network with the PMM community.





  • Ukrainian - fluent

  • English - B1 or higher 



  • Ability to work with task managers and office communication tools (e.g. Asana, Jira, Slack, Teams, etc.).

  • Excellent skills with Microsoft tools (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

  • Communication and correspondence skills.

Previous experience


  • In a system company with a corporate culture and established processes.

  • In a marketing agency, or IT, auditing, finance, or management would be a plus.



  • Strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

  • A love for working with people, empathy.

  • Quick, concise and structured communication.


Our camp takes place online, so you can study from anywhere. Based on the results of the camp, we want to find specialists who can join Welltech in Poland. 

So, this camp is for those who live in Poland or are ready to move to Poland. For specialists who are ready to move to Poland after the successful completion of the camp, the company offers relocation assistance.

Camp Program

Camp Intro

  • Objectives of the camp.

  • The role of a Product Marketing Manager.

  • The company’s products, achievements, culture, benefits, and values

Mobile market and monetization models 

  • Existing monetization models and ways to monetize an app.

  • Additional instruments to increase revenue.

  • Intro to mobile marketing.

  • Getting to know the main instruments to market and competitor analysis.

Unit economics & marketing funnels

  • Product and monetization metrics.

  • Ability to read and understand numbers about the product.

  • How to find weaknesses in marketing funnels and fix them.

Practical methods of increasing conversion

  • CRO frameworks.

  • Understanding your users and using that knowledge to better the product.

  • Working out a hypothesis - from an idea to implementation in a product.

Work with engineers

  • Marketing hypotheses and ways to research and formulate them correctly.

  • Preparation tasks for developers. 

A/B testing

  • What A/B testing is.

  • Benefits of A/B testing. 

  • Statistical approaches to running an A/B test.


Welltech is all about creating mobile applications that help millions of people around the world improve their health. 


Our main distinguishing feature is the desire to constantly grow, develop, and learn new things.

Welltech Academy is an educational platform for talented professionals who are starting their journey in IT.

We will open up the world of professions in the IT industry for you and help you outline the trajectory of your career path. At Welltech Academy, you will have the opportunity to join our Welltech Team.

Selection Process

Selection Process

Fill out the registration form on the website. We will review your application and provide an answer within a day.



Take a short general knowledge test (up to 1 hour) that will be required for further participation in the PMM Camp. You can use third-party sources. First and foremost, the ability to find answers is important for us.

Intro Test


Tell us why you want to participate in the project and answer a few questions. This will help us to understand if we are a good match for each other. You will also receive a link to a short English test (15 min), which you need to pass.

Motivation form


Let's meet and get to know each other better. We will ask about your previous experience and motivation to participate in PMM Camp, and you can ask your questions about the course.



If you have reached this stage, it means that all previous selection steps were successful. So, let's study together.


Start of the camp
Amigos - Standing (1).png

After the camp, you will:

Be able to join our team and rapidly grow and develop as a PMM.

Have the ability to create effective marketing hypotheses and develop them in accordance with the best CRO practices.

Have the opportunity to learn from our
TOP performing managers and adopt best practices on the market.

Understand how the market works and what it takes to succeed in it.


  • Who is a Product Marketing Manager?
    Product marketing managers work at the intersection of product development, marketing, and sales to increase conversion to purchase. Their broad responsibility is to develop and implement a marketing strategy roadmap for a specific product. In order to successfully reach their goal, product marketing managers typically work with colleagues across many departments throughout the product’s life cycle. Main duties: Researching and generating growth hypotheses (researching competitors, generating hypotheses with the team). Implementing a system for the effective prioritization of hypotheses. Building interaction processes with the business units of the company. Analyzing and optimizing purchase funnels for mobile apps. Running A/B tests for the mobile platforms.
  • Is there a guarantee of joining the team after the project?
    We don't guarantee cooperation with the company for all participants. Only the best students will get the opportunity to have a final interview and potentially receive an invitation to cooperate.
  • How much does it cost to participate in the camp?
    Participation in the Product Marketing Camp is free.
  • Why is the company organizing a free project?
    Our main goal is to impact IT development by improving the knowledge and expertise of specialists. We have the expertise and experience of successfully launching and promoting products on the global market, so we strive to share our knowledge with everyone.
  • Who can become a participant of the camp?
    Anyone can take part in the selection process for the camp. Those who successfully complete all the stages will be able to enroll in the camp.
  • What is the language of the camp materials?
    The materials were created in English and Ukrainian. All theoretical materials are in English, video lectures are in Ukrainian.
  • What level of English is required for the camp?
    For a comfortable camp, a B1 level of English or higher is required. It is important that participants can read, understand and analyze information in English fluently.
  • How will the camp be held?
    The course program includes a theoretical part, practical tasks, online lectures from experts, Q&A sessions with mentors, networking, and feedback.
  • How much time will it take to study?
    On average, training takes 4 hours daily. But this time can increase or decrease, depending on your pace of work.
  • Where can I read more about Welltech?
    You can visit our website, DOU, Instagram, or Facebook.

Discover new career horizons!

Registration is closed! 

We recruited participants.

You can apply to participate next time.

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